I currently serve as Director of the CEU's Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL), a position I have held since Autumn 2020. It is an honor to have been nominated Director of the Yehuda Elkana Center for Teaching, Learning, and Higher Education Research, effective August 2022.

I was educated at Georgetown University, St. Peter's College (Oxford), and the University of Chicago, where I received my PhD. I began my academic career in the field of contemporary history, writing on diverse topics, including the history of migration in the Mediterrranean, the education of migrants, and colonial educational systems. With time, I became increasingly engaged in scholarship and leadership in the fields of education and teaching. 

As Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning, I collaborate with faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and units across the university to support teaching excellence and to promote student learning. I also teach PhD-level courses on teaching as part of the CTL's Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education. In my capacity as Director of the Yehuda Elkana Center, I will also assume responsibility for research in higher education and related international projects.
My work with faculty and students draws, in no small part, on my experiences teaching students from a diversity of backgrounds at all levels of study, from BA to PhD, at a variety of institutions. These have included appointments at the University of Chicago, Sciences Po in Paris, the European University Institute in Florence, the University of Colorado Denver, and Humboldt University in Berlin. Most recently, before joining CEU, I served as a member of the education faculty at Keele University. There my work included the academic study of racial and class inequalities in educational systems, as well as the pedagogical training of future educators.

My research spans the fields of history and education, with a particular focus on migrants and integration, racial and class inequalities, colonial legacies, and internationalization, and educational systems.

Among my international project collaborations, I serve as project lead for the the Open Society University Network's "Developing Teaching Professionals" program and as member of the European University Association's (EUA) Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Group on supporting digitally competent teachers.

I also bring experience from within academia and the private sector in facilitating strategic planning and quality improvement.

I invite you to explore this website to discover more about my background, research, and teaching.