I am an historian of modern and contemporary Europe in transnational perspective. That is to say, I research and teach how large-scale, cross-border processes, such as migration, economic transitions, colonialism, and international conflicts in the 20th century have both transformed individual nation-states and shaped the world of today. Geographically, my research and teaching center on two regions: the western Mediterranean – specifically France, Spain, Italy, and their African colonies – as well as Germany and Central Europe. Reflecting my own, interdisciplinary background and international experience, I seek to understand and communicate the connections between various places, peoples, and processes and the ways they come together to produce often unexpected transformations.

I invite you to explore this website to discover more about my background, research, and teaching.

Fields of expertise: Modern and Contemporary Europe, particularly the history of France, Spain, Italy, and their African colonies; the Mediterranean; Germany; East-Central Europe; International Studies; Migration; Colonialism; Business and Labor History; Welfare; Nationalism; Race and Ethnicity; Travel and Tourism; Transnational and Comparative Methodologies